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The Alternative Option for Addiction Treatment

People struggling with addiction do not have a drug problem. The drugs are the symptom of the underlying issues. Unless you start with that understanding, true, lasting, sustainable recovery will never be possible.


The Resurface Group in Orange County, CA, steps in with a unique alternative to addiction treatment. Our program is designed to meet individuals where they are and offer real hope for desperate situations.


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We Treat Underlying Issues to Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a behavioral disease that has roots in emotional, psychological, cultural, and chemical factors. This is why, the “just say no” approach has such poor results. Instead, individuals struggling with addiction need professional guidance to help them understand the realities of their own personal makeup as well as the real effects of the substances they abuse.  


The Resurface Group program is unique because it addresses addiction from the ground up. It is all encompassing and involves nearly every aspect of a person’s life and surroundings. It is home-based, sustainable addiction treatment administered by a certified addiction counselor who comes alongside the client as a trusted mentor and guide.

"We understand there are underlying issues to those with drug and alcohol addiction. That is why we go a step beyond to create personalized programs for every client."

-Spencer McDonald, Lead Clinician 

The Extra Step in Addiction Treatment: Individualized Planning

The Resurface Group is passionate about building personalized programs for each client that comes to us for help. Not only do we identify obstacles and roadblocks unique to each person, but we offer solutions and plans-of-action that are based on solid assessments, personal backgrounds, and individual outlooks and desires.


Each member of our team is driven by compassion and a commitment to the process of healing. The majority of patients who move on from our program report long-term recovery from alcohol and other drugs, as well, they show success in interpersonal, personal, and professional areas of their lives.

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