"Resurface helped me realized my goals, draw out plans of action to achieve them, and inspired me to work hard to hard to reach them."

 -Christina G., Client

Multifaceted Services for Addiction Treatment and Mental Health in Orange County

The multifaceted approach to the services offered at The Resurface Group in Orange County, CA, is designed to offer the broadest range of offerings with a unified experience under direct clinical supervision. This kind of program is distinctive to our home-based treatment, and it means each person participates in a program that fits their unique outlook. 


It all starts with our client’s needs and goals. Each person who comes to us begins with an in-depth and exhaustive assessment to define their goals and what it will take to make continual, successful progress. We walk through each stage of change navigating through internal and external blocking points in order to draw out a plan of action. 


The end result is designed to help individuals navigate life on a day-to-day level as well as maneuver their own lives for a promising future. 


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Here are the Home-based Benefits Unique to the Resurface Program:

  • Clinical Awareness of full-life experiences

  • Day-to-day-life centered in program and expectations

  • Entire family involvement

  • Medication management

  • Drug testing

  • Client-driven process

  • Financial oversight and planning

  • Remote services

  • Same treatment team from start to finish

  • Intensives and retreats

  • Community resources

  • Sustainable long-term support

"We promise, both the client and their

family, 24/7 access to our clinical care."

-Mike Boyer, Chief Clinical Officer

Individualized Care for Addiction Treatment and Mental Health

Every member from our team draws from their experience, research, and findings to help build out an individualized plan tailored to each client. The teaching, practicing, and adaptation of new skills lead to a new approach towards striving in life.

Life happens, we understand that at The Resurface Group. When changes are being made, we don’t want those difficult life moments to be experienced alone. We promise 24/7 access, for both the client and the family, to The Resurface Group clinical team to help with each moment as it is happening. 

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