Our Unique Approach

to Treating Mental Health and Addiction

Growth and Change

The Resurface Group approach promotes growth and change through individualized attention and in-depth family systems work. By truly meeting the client where they are at and by engaging in real-time therapeutic coaching, we act as allies through important and challenging life experiences.


Resurface builds skills in crisis aversion rather than crisis management. Each person in the system gets to identify, achieve and maintain their personal idea of health, freedom, and autonomy.


We focus on accentuating and empowering developing health, freedom, autonomy, coping, life skills, and thriving relationships to name a few.

Session Options Employed at The Resurface Group

Whether one-on-one, family focused, or more experiential, our sessions are never defined until the best result has been identified. Because of our open and flexible approach, we are able to actually give what is needed for each person.


In the pursuit of this, the practicalities of our sessions will always vary. We may use several clinicians in a session with one client for several hours. We may even spend the whole day with a client. Or the right approach could find us spending time with a client’s family to discern what is needed for lasting change.


We passionately believe in creating a unique plan for each individual person based on their precise needs, and The Resurface Group approach makes this possible.

Family Counseling

Foundational in our program, family counseling educates loved ones on their role and helps them understand the related struggles of the client. As well it fosters healthy communication and growth.

Life Skills Management

Finance direction and management, job assistance, relationship counsel and guidance, school responsibilities, and more. We step in to prevent the total loss of control that often comes with behavioral health situations.  

Experiential Approach

Everything from guided imagery to role playing and art therapy, our experiential approach moves clients comfortably from confusion and hopelessness to a deeper understanding of what drives their emotions, decisions, and actions. 

Outdoor Therapy

Though our whole program is built on the home-based principle, getting out of the typical environment is healthy

and a powerful tool for treatment. This could include

hikes, day-trips with others, even animal therapy is useful

in this approach.

Intensives and Retreats

The next step in out-of-element therapy, intensives or retreats offer deeper dives into relapse prevention, meditation and mental wellness, relationship work, self-evaluation, emotional management, and more. 

Relationship Training

It’s no secret that addiction and mental health issues can wreak havoc on every relationship in a person’s life. However, clients often lack the basic skill set required for creating and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. The Resurface Group steps into this space and offers training and guidance.

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