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A Dynamic, One-Of-A-Kind Approach To Mental Health And Addiction Recovery

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We provide healing for individuals

and hope for families.

We know the devastating stigma behind addiction and mental health. We know the warning signs may be prevalent, and we know the chaos may be devastating. But we realize that finding help isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it requires a tremendous amount of strength and courage.


We understand the wreckage and turmoil our clients we face. The challenge motivates us to provide unconditional support, compassion, and guidance. We will work hard for you and your loved one. 


At The Resurface Group, we specialize in a unique approach to intervention, addiction treatment, and mental health. We find solutions, and we’re designed to work when nothing else does. No matter the circumstances, we find the solutions. 

Our Approach

Our Services

Our Skills

Many treatment professionals focus on cookie-cutter methods for recovery. For some people, this strategy works. But we know it doesn't work for everyone, and that’s why we’re different. We create custom-designed treatments designed to meet each individual’s unique needs. 

The Resurface Group offers numerous services for individuals and their loved ones. We’re proud to offer all forms of therapies: individual, family, couples, and even experiential. We also offer several community resources, remote services, and intensive programs. 

We believe recovery must integrate life in the real world. That’s why we’re passionate about helping people improve their capacity to cope with daily stressors. From mastering interpersonal skills to finding viable employment paths to setting a budget, we’re here to help you.

Mental Health and

Addiction Intervention

We specialize in evidence-based interventions that support sustainable change. We work hard to build rapport with our clients and loved ones. Our program prides itself on maintaining a strong and supportive community that cultivates growth.

Family-Focused treatment.

We meet clients where they are. No rehab or formal treatment facility required- our clients live at home, and we interact with them in real life.


We believe in treating addiction and mental health by focusing on the family. Our family-based counseling, interventions, and guidance represent the core of who we are.

Our mission is to deliver alternative solutions for people struggling with addiction or mental health problems. We support those who may have lost their sense of purpose, hope, or meaning. Our innovative approaches and proven clinical techniques inspire even the most complex individuals to inspire positive, long-lasting change. 

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