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Because just like you, we are different.

The Resurface Group is cutting edge, home-based treatment for addiction and mental health.

There is a devastating silence surrounding addiction and mental health in society today. The warning signs may be prevalent and the chaos raging, but the stigma is strong. Finding help can take a tremendous amount of strength and courage. Sometimes the loved ones bear the burden. Everywhere they turn, destruction is brought into their lives. The wreckage is palpable, and there seems to be no solution. Addiction and mental health pull you under, and the loss, the fear, and the pain can make you feel like you are looking up from beneath the waves with no hand to help. We are here to bring you back to the surface. Back to where you are meant to be.


At Resurface in Costa Mesa, CA, we specialize in a unique, home-based approach to intervention, addiction treatment, and mental health—designed to work when nothing else does. 

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An Alternative Approach to Rehab

There are many addiction treatment centers and other behavioral health options that bring clients into seclusion. And this can be helpful for some,

but not for everyone.


The Resurface Group helps clients make big changes, starting right from where they are: home. It means getting involved, engaging in each person’s entire life, incorporating family and real-life relationships. This persevering and fully integrated approach sets us apart as innovators in the realms of addiction treatment and mental health care.

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